Case work

Under this program, we look forward to dealing with the problem of legal aid to various law enforcement agencies, and help them reach the resources so that they can provide justice to those institutions such as District Legal Service Authority, District Apart from the administration, the Human Rights Commission, other judicial institutions ensure the reach of the common citizen. So that he can get justice. For which till now we see cases ranging from about 30 to 100 per year and try to get them justice.

Initiatives on Child Rights Protection

In order to protect and safeguard the rights of children by the Sangram, our team constantly works to make the children aware in rural areas, apart from government institutions, in any way, initiate action on the issue of abduction of the rights of children, Attempts for protection. In addition to the National Child Rights Protection Commission, the children who are providing protection to the right of children are immediately contacted so that the children can be safe. Our team has done many important things to give protection to children by taking the initiative on the rights of children. So far, in more than 50 cases, children have been given justice and protection and in the case of Jharkhand's Koderma district, for the first time in the case of child marriage case, an FIR has been filed with seven other people including Pandit. Apart from this, in addition to the joint initiative with the National Human Rights Commission, the credit goes to war for the release of 13 children in the year 2015.

Initiatives on Women's Rights and Women's Violence

At present, violence in the country is not new to women. Every 5th house is suffering from female harassment with female violence and in the courts of the country, the case related to women is lying. Women have to fight for the rate of rate of justice. In this way, our team initiates immediate assistance and justice for domestic violence against women and also provides legal support for this. Approximately 20 to 50 cases per year related to female violence come to our office, in which our team, with legal advice, eliminate the mutual dispute and send them with respect. We get 10 to 15 cases every year as a successful story. What happens with our effort?

Initiative of the Tribulation

Social harassment is also at peak with police harassment in India. Where else the common citizen goes to the police station with his safety and protection, but the incidence of persecution decreases with him. It does not happen in all cases, but most of the disadvantaged sections are going on with the same community. On the other hand, in society, it is often prized to keep the weaker sections under high class. People of spoken areas are not allowed to reach the community resources or they are not allowed to reach them. Apart from this, there are many people who do not pay the wages and keep the slaves in which more children come. This is consistent with the deprived section and they have to suffer physical harassment even with mental harassment. On such cases, our team helps in relieving the harassment of the concerned government institutions and the commission, and also educates such sections to legalize their fundamental rights. In addition to ending the fear in him, the socialists at the social level salvaged him from the torture and honored him and instituted him again in society. To connect with the police, police officers and other government officials reach their village and make them jointly joining mutual society and developing a sense of equality.