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S.No. Name of Victim Address and Case Number Composition Year of Complain
1 Roshani Devi Village Bukru Balumath Latehar Jharkhand 2 lakh 07/2018
2 Runiya Devi Murkunda Gumla 1 lakh 08/2017
3 Ravi Kumar Bodia,Ramgadh Deoghar 1 lakh 08/2017
4 Guddi Balia Mayurhand Case Continue -
5 Mamta Devi Maskdedih Sariya Giridih 1 lakh 05/2016
6 3 year old girl child Jari Sekri Gumla Jharkhand 1 lakh 09/2019
7 Baidnath Ravidas Jhariya Dhanbad 1 lakh 10/2017
8 Shankar Sao Lokai Koderma 1 lakh 01/2018
9 Meager Pathar Narsinghpur Chakuliya East Sihbhum 1 lakh 03/2019
10 Md Salman Piparwar Chatra Jharkhand 3 lakh 07/2017
11 Subham Kumar Champaran Bihar 4 lakh 02/2017

Birhor Report
Birhor falls under the category of endangered tribe in the tribes of India the number of tribal communities is left in Jharkhand only close to 8000, living in a fragmented forest in the plateau area of North Chotanagpur in Jharkhand! This community is socially economically backward, the community, which is worse than the condition of Dalits in India, is forced to live in some places without any home, and there are many tollas where the community has been able to reach the identity card and Aadhaar card till date, so we can understand the scale of development of this community. Birhoro's livelihood depends on the forest, and the community has a broken years old maken in addition to the leaf huts that you will be able to see anywhere in the dilapidated situation! In addition to the sense of education in this community, the traditional tradition of taking the health of women and children in this community is still recognised, where a child is treated with wild roots when he is sick, in addition to this, the community is not fully aware of the food, the economic political exploitation of the community has been going on for a long time and even today! The people of the uche and the domineering are occupying their land and the need to evict them is also being done in many places, and the vanishing Birhor community, which is struggling with such problems, is looking for its existence today. The rate is deviating,

A number of programmes are being run by the Government of Jharkhand for the welfare of the primitive tribal community, but the beneficiaries of those programmes are not fully able to reach the community, some officials want to join the community, but they do not want to connect, so their development is hampered by the development, In such a way, it is the community that makes the government official aware of their problems and connects them and the community with the government,

Sangram has been actively working for the sociol-economic development of Birhor, a tribal community disappearing from Jharkhand since 2011, Sangram has been consistently working to bring about 30 birhor families live in Masnodih village of Domchach block of Koderma district of Jharkhand by sangram to bring about a lot of study and change by taking up the problems and development of Birhor in Koderma district of Jharkhand. The village was first worked out on the identity and problems of Birhoro in the village, which continued to make efforts to address the district administration with small problems, which led to the following work in the village.

Our major tasks with the Birhor community are:

* 20 Birhor children from the village joined the school! Birhor children who went to the jungle with their parents were identified and connected to the school and were constantly taken from home by the school so that the children joined the school and the children who had left the school also began to go to school.

* 40 Young Children Come To Study Learning Centres! The institution began to conduct a teaching centre for children in the village so that children could learn to read and children started coming to the centre and their studies improved considerably!

* 15-member Jatra Kisan Club created! The Birhor community, which has been in the process of never cultivating these families, was used by the institution to connect these families with cultivation, for the first time, Birhoro had cultivated corn and tur and made 50 kg of grain for a long day at home!

* The village has also been cleaned, the village was cleaned by the cleaning institution

* Birhor Tola, who lived very messy, did not like to go to the hail, and the work of cleanliness was done by the institution in which no Birhor family joined, but when the village was cleaned, they tried to keep themselves clean now!

* The authorities are serious about the small problem of the village and try to solve it immediately!

* 30 Birhoro was treated better! The People of Birhor community were afraid to go to the hospital, and a medical camp was set up in the Tolle by the institution several times to better treat the children and the elderly and many Birhor families were treated by a referral hospital!

* 20 kg fish village pond/pond Inserted by the government in dame Fish seed was provided by the Deputy Commissioner of District of Birhor families for putting in checkdams so that Birhoro fished and earned more than Rs. 5000/ 5000 rupees of fish!

* 50 people's account opened in the bank! With the initiative of District Administration, the account of Birhor families was opened by the leading Bank of India Fulawariya in Koderma district by camping in the village!

* Aadhaar card of 46 people created

* 10 Children (Birhor) were given a computer by district administration to learn computer!

* Pradeep Birhor, injured by bear attack, was treated by the government at his own expense in Ranchi !

* All the bad chepkals of the village were made

* Rice was left in the village!

* The health worker goes to the village every week!

* Regular checking of school and anganwadi centre is being done!

* Holding fallow land and maize/ Start cultivating lahar dal!

* Skul's condition was improved in the village!

* Pucca road built in village A lot of problems had to be faced to come to the village, a small culvert on the village road, which was broken, was taken up and apprised to the block development officer after which it was reported by the officer of the block to the officers of the district after which the road construction work was done by the Department of Rural Development in the said village!

* Solar water system installed in village Taking serious note of the problems of pine water in the village, the District Social Welfare Department installed solar water with a 1000 litre tank in their tolle to provide water to all birhor families!

* All Birhor families linked to pension scheme The list of all Birhor families was prepared and made available to the Dochch Block office so that all those Birhor families are linked to the pension scheme! For which the work of linking all birhoro's houses by block administration to the pension scheme was done by going home and conducting surveys!

* Housing given to all Birhor families Birhoro had a major housing problem, which was the task of linking them with the housing scheme by drawing this more attention to the district department! He told the district officials that the issue of housing was constantly tried by the institution to convince Birhoro on this issue and to convince him of the housing issue!

* The school and anganwadi were beautified In view of the dilapidated condition of the Vidyalaya and Anganwadi Centre by the Sangram Institution, the concerned department was written for its beautification, on which the department took action and beautification of anganwadi and school colour Rogan!

* During the lock down, the Birhor tribe family living in Koderma met with them by the Sangram Institution and discussed the (subject of forests, which Birhoro said that the forest can only gethoney) at this time and we will be asked to sell as much honey? In such a way, all their honey was procured by the institution by taking initiative on their problems, which made them immediately available money and was made to improve their economic condition, in which the team of the Sangram Institution helped them to sell this honey to 15 families who brought honey from 5000 to 7000 rupees per family and did a better job of helping them during the lockdown.

Under this program, we look forward to dealing with the problem of legal aid to various law enforcement agencies, and help them reach the resources so that they can provide justice to those institutions such as District Legal Service Authority, District Apart from the administration, the Human Rights Commission, other judicial institutions ensure the reach of the common citizen. So that he can get justice. For which till now we see cases ranging from about 30 to 100 per year and try to get them justice.

Initiatives on Child Rights Protection

In order to protect and safeguard the rights of children by the Sangram, our team constantly works to make the children aware in rural areas, apart from government institutions, in any way, initiate action on the issue of abduction of the rights of children, Attempts for protection. In addition to the National Child Rights Protection Commission, the children who are providing protection to the right of children are immediately contacted so that the children can be safe. Our team has done many important things to give protection to children by taking the initiative on the rights of children. So far, in more than 50 cases, children have been given justice and protection and in the case of Jharkhand's Koderma district, for the first time in the case of child marriage case, an FIR has been filed with seven other people including Pandit. Apart from this, in addition to the joint initiative with the National Human Rights Commission, the credit goes to war for the release of 13 children in the year 2015.

Initiatives on Women's Rights and Women's Violence

At present, violence in the country is not new to women. Every 5th house is suffering from female harassment with female violence and in the courts of the country, the case related to women is lying. Women have to fight for the rate of rate of justice. In this way, our team initiates immediate assistance and justice for domestic violence against women and also provides legal support for this. Approximately 20 to 50 cases per year related to female violence come to our office, in which our team, with legal advice, eliminate the mutual dispute and send them with respect. We get 10 to 15 cases every year as a successful story. What happens with our effort?

Initiative of the Tribulation

Social harassment is also at peak with police harassment in India. Where else the common citizen goes to the police station with his safety and protection, but the incidence of persecution decreases with him. It does not happen in all cases, but most of the disadvantaged sections are going on with the same community. On the other hand, in society, it is often prized to keep the weaker sections under high class. People of spoken areas are not allowed to reach the community resources or they are not allowed to reach them. Apart from this, there are many people who do not pay the wages and keep the slaves in which more children come. This is consistent with the deprived section and they have to suffer physical harassment even with mental harassment. On such cases, our team helps in relieving the harassment of the concerned government institutions and the commission, and also educates such sections to legalize their fundamental rights. In addition to ending the fear in him, the socialists at the social level salvaged him from the torture and honored him and instituted him again in society. To connect with the police, police officers and other government officials reach their village and make them jointly joining mutual society and developing a sense of equality.