Success Stories

A married couple just got married!
Koderma district Domchanc station area resident Mamta Devi and Rajdnwar station area resident Harilal slave married spouse Sun was in 2015! After living some happy life , mutual mutualism of both of them turned into a serious controversy and the matter had reached the divorce ! The first information of this case was given by the mother of the victim before giving her to the Sangram Sangstha, she had pleaded for help by listening to the pain of her daughter in front of her community and other gun people but no one has helped! In lieu of helping him Rs 6000 was demanded! But because of not having 6000 she could not do anything in the case of her daughter ! Today, two months ago, Mamta Devi gave an application to Sangram, an organization working on human rights, and conveyed it to the whole matter. After which members of the institution stated to be present by sending Harilal Das Legal notice after investigation into the matter by counseling the husband and wife with the two sides after which the institution was spending a mutual agreement with Jin Dgi. After which an accolade was prepared by the legal adviser of Sangram, Advocate Najir Khan , in which both the parties willingly signed their signature, both husband and wife were ready to live together! To give respect to both the organization By giving white cloth and sweets, the institution has left her in-laws off the girl from her office! At present, both husband and wife are living their happy lives!

One lakh compensation to the victim on the initiative of Sangram
Koderma Bazar: The brunt of the system of Sadar Hospital continuously suffered due to patients and their families. Is falling. Mamta Devi (husband-Mukesh Sav) , a troubled woman with labor pains , On Monday, the family members of Masseedah Siria had reached Sadar Hospital with this hope that they would be treated and there would be no problem , But here it happened, inverted. The family reached the hospital in the afternoon , The female physician Sandhya Tappona, who was present, examined and said that the child is inverted.
Operation will be delivery. After this the doctor asked the nurse to get the required check-up and prepare the opera theater. According to the doctor, the nurse prepared the OT , While the relatives completed the other women's checks. It is said that after this, when the nurse told Dasheed Topppano that the woman had to do the operation , So I got the answer that I have come to Hazaribagh. Meanwhile, slaughter was also given to the woman as well as giving medication. In the absence of Dr. Topppona, the nurse called up Amar Amar Kumar , So the answer was that I am out.
Delivery of kin was charged when I was upset, So he requested the operation of Dr. Praveen Kumar, who was present in OPD. The doctor said that the first OPD work will be finished , After this the operation will be done. It was told that before conducting the operation , it is necessary for Anesthesia doctor to make the patient unconscious , But there was not Sandeep Kumar.
In such a situation, the operation of women was not possible. The family of the troubled woman, suffering from childbirth, finally went to Holy Family hospital with the woman at five o'clock in the evening. It is known that the woman Mamta Devi was being treated by her brother-in-law, Mahendra Sava, and was getting treatment. In the morning the crowd of doctors: This is not a new case , When the question on the arrangement of the Sadar Hospital is raised. The biggest question is whether Dr. Praveen Kumar, who is present in the hospital, himself is a surgeon , But even after seeing the pain of the woman, she did not do the surgery.
This case was filed by the Sangram Team on May 25, 2016 in the National Human Rights Commission, New Delhi ! Whose complaint number 830/34/12/2016 In which the Hon'ble Commission ordered the payment of one lakh rupees compensation to the victim by handling the suits!
These proceedings shall be read in continuation of the earlier proceedings dated 03/03/2017, wherein the Commission has asked for the report on the complaint of complainant from Secretary, Department OF Health & Family Welfare, Hriatrchi (Jharkhand) regarding culprit Doctors of Sadar Hospital, Distt . Koadrama , who has failed to perform their duty and had refused to attend the pregnant lady in the laboratory on 09/04/2016. In response, a report dated 27/06/2017 from Under Secretary, Department of Health & Family Welfare, Ranchi (Jharkhand) has received, where it is said that after getting inquiry done from Civil Surgeon, Koadrama , Dr. Sandya Topano the then Medical Officer in-charge, Sadar Hospital was found guilty and a necessary departmental action was taken against her vide order dated 06/10/2016 and she has her career in one / the following promotion from precluded. The Commission has placed on record It is thus clear Let a notice be given to you 18 of the Protection of Human Rights Act, 1993 be sent to the Chief Secretary, Govt. of Jharkhand, to show cause as why not an amount of Rs . 1,00,000 / - be paid as compensation to the complainant within six weeks, as the State is vicarious liable for the act of its employees. Let a copy of the report be sent to the complainant for his comments, if any, within six weeks, positively The list