Our Program


Developing the leadership capacity in youth, adolescent girls and women, making them strong and aware, rational citizens through skillful arts.       


To develop the leadership capacity in the people of the oppressed and oppressed communities and ensure their participation in the representation of society..       


Raising awareness of social evils in the children, patriotism, creative and equality, raising awareness of their fundamental rights and fundamental responsibilities and developing their abilities.        


Conserve the traditional knowledge associated with education and health and make it aware of the next generation to use it.        


  Organizing a training program to strengthen the gram sabha and village fund.         


  To defend the fundamental rights of the common citizen, lending up to the administration.        


  Raising awareness of citizenship in residents of the country and raising humanity while awakening faith in Indian law in common law.         


Establishment center for the purchase of essential commodities of other women, besides sanitary pad, through the Saheli Center for women in the rural area.