Our Journey


We started the struggle to take its constitutional right against exploitation and injustice to the common people.
It was started by the Onkar Vishwkarma and Suman Kumar Mehta alone with his other colleagues, who were the children laborers of the disadvantaged Sections, started this organization. The main motive for keeping the name of the organization was to raise a suppressed voice. Together with the villagers who have not been able to voice their voice till date. That’s why our team Sangram is based on the idea of ​​joining the village and becoming a part of their happiness and misery.

After our team formed it in 2007, after discussing community meeting and fundamental rights in rural areas, along with a team like Child Club and Youth Division on the restoration and preservation of the rights of children for their change in logical and scientific thinking.Strong emphasis. In which our main objective was to make people aware about child marriage and to raise awareness about common people on dowry, such as mischief, against other social evils, etc. Our journey started from here and at present, we are making efforts to restore the fundamental rights of the tribal community to the disappearing community of the most backward section of the "Birhor" community. During this we have to face a lot of difficulties but our struggle continues that the tribal communities of Jharkhand get their fundamental rights.